What Grimes & Elon Musk should have learned from the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal

The potential downfall of one of the most powerful and popular men of our time was completely preventable

I am frustrated by the Grimes-Musk-Banks scandal where Musk’s personal poor decisions may lead to his removal from his position and being under investigation by authorities. All three parties lacked common sense. I am even more disappointed in my generation of women who failed to learn a big lesson during our youth in the Bill and Monica Lewinsky scandal.

I once heard the phrase “let someone else pay your stupid taxes”. It’s short for “learn from someone else’s mistakes”. Although Azelia Banks broke the girl code for publically posting text private messages between her and Grimes, Grimes failed to act within proper social decorum and text Banks about the size of Elon Musk’s private parts, his alleged illegal activity, and him posing with a fake South African accent. In a world where text messages can be forwarded and screenshots can be posted for a global audience on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it boggles my mind why Grimes would text a fellow public figure- who has a reputation for Twitter feuds-this information.

When dating a public figure (or anyone for that matter), one needs to act with discretion. There should be no sharing of information via text or other media about private parts or private matters- not even to your close girlfriends. This was Monica Lewinsky’s mistake. Now, remember, Lewinsky never blabbed to the public about her affair with Bill. She kept in on the down-low, confiding in who she thought was her close friend, Linda Tripp. Tripp, unbeknownst to Monica, was secretly recording their conversations and even convinced Monica not to get that infamous blue dress dry cleaned. That was the only physical evidence of the affair. It lead to disaster for Monica’s life and criminal impeachment proceedings for the then-President Bill Clinton. Monica was only 23 at the time and was not hip to the saying many African-American mothers tell their children “not everyone is your friend”. She also lived at a time where voice recording was the only threat to one’s personal security. Yet, she was a victim to the relatively new internet cyberbullying.

I believe Lewinsky gossiping about her affair with Bill was out of naivete asking an older woman for advice. However, I am trying to grasp the motivation Grimes had in telling Banks that Elon Musk- one of the richest, powerful and most popular men at this time has a ‘giant member’. It is beyond classless… and foolish. Let’s say Banks did not post the screenshot, but kept that information to herself. Do you think that it would not raise her eyebrow and make Musk more desirable in her eyes? Ha, I can hear the uniform eyebrow raise and lip-licking of women across the world who are now on the prowl-plotting their way to Musk’s path as juicy prey. Grimes, 30, is too old to be this foolish.

Some of the responsibility falls on Musk. Rich and powerful people are people and they make mistakes like everyone else. They also have to be accountable for those mistakes like the rest of us. Many people shook their heads at the odd coupling and I am sure he had friends ask him what are you doing?! Yes, Musk is eccentric, but it was pretty obvious that something was off. From Grime’s texts, she had/has absolutely no respect for him. She’s trying to get pregnant (while on drugs). Musk formerly dated Amber Heard- the girl who got Johhny Depp in trouble (Side: Amber secretly recorded Depp and published photoshopped private text messages). So he has a history of poor decisions in picking women. *SMH, these men*

I do not have any investments in Tesla or any of his companies so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I totally understand why investors would be concerned about his leadership ability. He may be on drugs, and he is involved with a woman who shares extremely sensitive information who got him on drugs. I would not want him making company decisions.

Let this scandal be a lesson to women. As they say on the street “Be careful who you share your hoeing with” (‘hoeing’ may not be literal whoring, but may mean dirty secrets or socially unacceptable behavior. I also don’t see the term as negative so do not interpret my view as slut-shaming).

Let it also be a lesson to these tech dudes: Be a better picker! Fun and crazy women may be fun for a time, but is it worth prison or millions of dollars in losses. Consider getting a matchmaker if you honestly have no emotional intelligence or common sense to tell the difference between a woman who respects you or wants to use you.